Stylish, Comfortable Living

Live, work, and play like you’ve always dreamed at our Eden Prairie, MN condos and apartments. Our unmatched location offers the convenience of Southwest Station living, perfect for first-time homebuyers and empty nesters.

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Our condos for sale in Eden Prairie, MN provide stylish living that’s competitively priced. Our properties feature creature comforts like indoor racquetball and basketball courts, full fitness center, tanning salon, sauna, and a great room featuring a large screen television, kitchen, and billiards perfect for entertaining.

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Conveniently located with easy access to major thoroughfares, Eden Prairie has become one of the most attractive cities in the nation for big corporations. Plus, being just steps away from the Southwest Metro Transit Center featuring easy service to downtown, our condos and apartments near Eden Prairie, MN are the place to be.

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Living at Southwest Station, you are just a hop, skip, and a jump from Eden Prairie's renowned Purgatory Creek Park plus you are right next to the great restaurants at Southwest Station. Not sure what to cook for dinner…not to worry…options abound right next door

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Discover Southwest Station Condominiums.

A unique mixed-use, transit-oriented development that refines and blends the most positive facets of suburban life - convenience, high mobility, comfort, and open spaces - with character, warmth, and vitality or urban town living. Our commitment to sensitive planning and quality architecture create a unique character with a sense of visual tranquility that belies the intensity of this vital hub. Indulge your desire to own, while enjoying a low maintenance turn-the-key and go lifestyle with our condos and apartments in Eden Prairie.

The Beauty & Convenience of Southwest Station Living

Connected Community

Because Southwest Station Condominiums is near transportation options, we connect communities like never before. We connect employees to employers, neighborhoods to neighborhoods, families to amenities, and tourists to attractions. We provide people living in our condominiums multiple opportunities to flourish. Likewise, we enable businesses to grow, and neighborhoods to thrive. We believe that by helping people move around, we help them move ahead.

Accessible public transportation options also pave the way for independence and convenience—you have the freedom and ability to get around town and access whatever you need. You may be surprised to discover what you can see and do at Eden Prairie.

Comfortable Climate

Aside from convenience, Southwest Station Condominiums also affords residents the opportunity to live in a city with a comfortable climate—it’s mostly sunny days and high winter temperatures here.

Amazing Work Opportunities

You should know that our location, Eden Prairie, has been featured in MONEY’s Best Places list not just once, but multiple times. Also, in 2010, it took the No. 1 spot on that list. This city we call home has a diversified tax base and low debt, and has earned a AAA bond rating from Moody’s every year since 2003.

One reason for its success is its self-sustaining economy. Amazing work opportunities await you here – our unemployment rate remains low and our job growth is robust. Life is simply better at Eden Prairie!

Picturesque Location

Skyscrapers, pine trees, and lakeshores are some of the images used to describe the beauty of Minnesota. In particular, this corner of the state features picturesque neighborhoods, and a charming character of its own.

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